RESURS Total for all types of engines (petrol, diesel, LPG and CNG engines)

For passenger cars with all types of engine and slight engine wear, with 3-5 liter oil volume


RESURS TOTAL is an engine restorer and treatment

  • Fuel economy up to 10%
  • Compression improvement
  • Engine protection and restoration
  • Stops oil burning in 5 times
  • Less СO concentration
  • Increases power up to 8-10%

  1. Recommended to change oil and filter
  2. Warm up the engine and stop it
  3. Shake the bottle intensively for 20-30 sec
  4. Pour the content into the oil system
  5. Idle the engine during 10-15 minutes
Dosage: 1 bottle of 50g for 3-5 liters of oil
Recommended to use 1-3% of RESURS to protect and restore your engine.
Dosage depends on engine condition, run, age, drive style.


RESURS Total for petro


Recommended to apply RESURS every time when oil change to protect your engine and extend its service life.

Note: RESURS doesn't restore broken parts of engine.


Engine Restorer RESURS is a lubricating composition for restoration and prevention of wear and tear of petrol and diesel engines, transmissions and gear boxes.

Engine Restorer RESURS consists of nanoparticles of the alloy of copper, tin and silver, is poured into the engine oil system. RESURS doesn't change the properties of motor oil, only uses it as a mean of delivery in the most areas of friction and wear. The particles activate in areas of friction under high temperature and pressure and fill micro damages metal surface of the engine.

In comparison with other products, RESURS forms a porous structure, which retains oil as a sponge and saves it in the friction zone, protecting metal parts from wear during cold start, engine overheating, sharp acceleration or hard braking.

  1. RESURS doesn't change the properties of motor oil, only uses it as a mean of delivery in the most areas of friction and wear.

  2. The particles activate in areas of friction under high temperature and pressure and fill micro damaged metal surface of the engine.

  3. The film formed by RESURS has a porous structure, that is like a sponge holds the oil in friction zones.

* RESURS TOTAL is compatible with all types of oil.

RESURS engine restorer uses nano metal repair technology that was jointly developed by the world famous Dr. Vasily Kuzmin and Pr. Leongard Pogodoev. This technology won a number of world patents and invention awards, they co-founders of the Russian company VMPAUTO.

Dr. Vasily Kuzmin

Publications: "Structural-energetic models of reliability of materials and machine parts"

Author: Dr. Vasily Kuzmin

Published in 2006

Pr. Leongard Pogodoev

Publications: "Improving the reliability of tribounit"

Author: Dr. Vasily Kuzmin and

Leongard Pogodoev Professor

Published in 2001


RESURS is a unique russian nanotechnology that is known worldwide. It's in the 100 best russian innventions list. Also it got international invention medals from Paris, got American and Russian patents for metal plating technology.

Here you can find certificates of RESURS:

nlgi certificate vmpauto QMS certified according to ISO 9001:2008 	
QMS certified according to ISO 9001:2008 American patent for metal plating effect RESURS reduces concentration of toxic exhaust gases on 54.16% Bronze medal for innovation, Paris, 2006
VMPAUTO is NLGI member since 2010 QMS certified QMS certified American patent for metal plating effect RESURS reduces concentration of toxic exhaust gases on 54.16% Certificate for innovation, Paris, 2006



Reparation for 30 000 EUR or engine restorer RESURS? One case happened in Hong Kong will help to answer this question.

An owner of the boat Tiara 31 Open 1995 year with diesel engine TAMD40, 220 hp was very anxious about engine noise and smoke. To solve this problem service station asked for 30 000 EUR!

Before application of RESURS

In few hours after application of this oil additive engine noise became lower and the smoke almost disappeared.

After application of RESURS

Now expensive reparation is put off!

Use active metal restorer "RESURS" produced by VMPAUTO and prolong engine life!

In March 2012 "VMPAUTO" together with its partner in Hong Kong Advan International Technolagy made tests on DYNO machine.

In VW Golf, 1.4 with run 37 000km (2011) it was added 150gr of RESURS.

Step 1. With special device we measure compression in one cylinder.

Step 2. With special device we measure compression in one cylinder.

Step 3. With special device we measure compression in one cylinder.

Step 4. With special device we measure compression in one cylinder.

RESULTS : The compression has increased on 14% and power on 7% .

The results of this test were fixed and registered by DYNO computer.

We recieve only positive comments about using RESURS. Not long ago we recieved that one. The RESULT was fantastic. Fuel consumption was 17%!

Another obviuos review of using RESURS Total. This time it helped to reduce oil burning completely!

How many times per month you add engine oil? Once, twice, or maybe more frequently? I think, that each car owner feels himself disappointed when he comes back to the shop for buying of another liter of engine oil. I would like to share with you my experience of oil burning prevention.

Not long ago I have bought Volkswagen Golf 1994 year of manufacture, gasoline engine 1.8l. I knew about some faults of the car, when I bought it. But all these faults can be repaired, that is why it did not embarrass me in the slightest. Also the compression in cylinders was unequal and previous owner regularly had to add the engine oil.

I measured the compression in cylinder after bought of the car. The result is unequal compression from 8 to 10 bars in different cylinders. Level of hydrocarbons HC concentration in exhaust emissions was 336 ppm (ppm- is unit of measurement of exhaust emissions). I spoke with specialists and authorities and knew that normal concentration of HC is 100 ppm. Higher concertation means that engine oil penetrates into exhaust emission. It did not surprised me, because I already knew about my problem of oil burning. I thought how can I solve this problem.

My neighbor, advised me to pour high quality and high viscosity motor oil. I followed his advice immediately and poured into my car synthetic engine oil Mobil, with 5W50 viscosity. Then I measured the compression and was inspirited- each cylinder has 15 bars. I was surprised by this effect. But I was surprised more, when saw that concentration of HC is 1700 ppm, I expected to see 100 ppm.

How did it happen, that after adding of high viscosity engine oil, the compression became ideal, but the oil burning was increased in 5 times?!

The answer was found in special forum. As it turned out, more viscous engine oil with no doubts keeps better oil film on cylinder walls, preventing loss of compression.

But if the cylinder is over worn, the piston “hangs loosely” and piston rings cannot remove oil layer while it moves down. Finally, viscous oil keeps on piston walls and burns.

The solution of this problem is to restore of inner piston walls. There are several ways of solution: from the old-fashioned way to modern and expensive dealer service.

I chose something in between.

I read favorable reports in internet, studied the information from the producer and bought metal plating oil additive. It’s full name is remetalizer RESURS. According to the producer information it partly restores worn surfaces. How it does it? Active metal particles fill micro damages of piston walls, restore cylinder forms and hermeticity of combustion chamber. The process of remetailzation looks like recuperation of human skin after injury.

And here is my result. I poured RESURS and drove 350 km. Then I have measured the compression and car exhaust emissions. The compression was the same- 15 bars. The concentration of HC was 74 ppm… Just imagine, how I was surprised!

I could scarcely believe my eyes! And made another measurement after several minutes and then again after 50 km. But the index was no higher than 75 ppm. Believe it or not, but it was true!

Here is my experience, made with special devices. This remetalizer does not influence on the engine oil viscosity. It does not interact with engine oil in no case, it use it only as way for reaching of piston walls.

Thanks to RESURS, I reached the result which I expected to have. The dipstick showed me the same oil level during whole car service period.

I recommend you to use RESURS to stop oil burning.

More and more countries are thinking about reducing of emissions which are so harmful for our environment. Vehicle exhaust gases are one of the most important air pollution source, and local government brings in new mitigation measures and control vehicle emissions.

In some countries this control is executed by limitation of car operation life, but this is possible only in the countries with high buying attitude. But there are other more affordable opportunities.

выхлопные газы

Vehicle exhaust gases are one of the most important air pollution source

Local government of the town Mexicali in the North of Mexico has decided to solve this problem efficiently and has carried out tests of Russian engine restorer RESURS in order to reduce toxic exhaust gases.

The researches were carried out in "Industiral and Technical College" of Mexicali in Mexico on the car LINCOLN of 1993 year (run 122 018 miles) with special device Scangas Analyser (5 Gas). Measurements were made before and after application of engine treatment RESURS.

Engine restorer RESURS reduces toxic exhaust gases on 54.16%

сертификат, подтверждающий эффективность реметаллизанта Ресурс
Certificate confirming that Engine Treatment RESURS reduces toxic exhausts gases




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